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cavaso del tomba

(+39) 34 8986 1363

Guided bike tours in the heartland of Italian cycling country with mountains, rolling hills, antique towns and villas, vineyards, excellent food. Organised cycle holidays on the edge of the Veneto Dolomites

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Guided bike tours on the edge of the beautiful Italian Dolomites, Stay in a choice of two residences according to budget and style preference. In the heartland of Italian cycling you can ride to train up legendary ascents, take longer hilly routes or recover along the river valleys. The leisure cyclist is also welcome as we run groups according to ability or 'feeling', who can take scenic turns around this area full of architectural interest, magnificent views, Prosecco vineyards and verdant countryside.

Pro cyclists and champions past, present and for the future train, ride and live here, there is every terrain to exploit and enjoy, and great weather in which to do it. Ride with us, train with us, and discover why.

We are located on the southern edge of the Dolomites, north-west of Venice in the foothills of Monte Grappa and Prossecco country. We provide leveled group rides of differing intensity and duration with some weeks dedicated for 'Gruppo Femminile' (female-only groups). Please enquire for further details.

AsoloBikeTours rides as +Bike (PiùBike)

From our tour to the SellaRonda bike day - Dolomite roads closed for cyclists only!

Italian engineering has been producing the best bicycles and racers for over a century: combining the technical ingenuity of refined bike design and production, a naturally health- and fitness-oriented lifestyle and diet, and the perfect cycling environment. You too can enjoy the long summer riding your bike in the heartland of Italian cycling.

Prosecco vine-covered rolling hills of Valdobbiadine; the verdant punchy hills around Asolo or the Pedemontana; Monte Grappa with its many long (and longer) sinuous climbs; Monte Cesen and the Altopiano di Asiago with its many switchback climbs taking you up on to the meadows and alpine forests of the highlands overlooking the Dolomites. Long loops into the Dolomites. Day trips into the Dolomites are also available for challenging days of classic climbs - think Pordoi, Fedaia, Rolle, San Pellegrini, Giau, Valparola, Gruppo Sella: a targeted day can mimic a Giro d'Italia tappa for those who seek a challenge.

We offer the cyclist an interesting and challenging set of rides guided by qualified, experienced local riders. All combined with a fresh Italian sporting diet and very good traditional accommodation. 

Come to experience the Giro d'Italia in May as it inevitably visits this esteemed cycling location. Test yourself in an Italian Granfondo. Or just enjoy training in a stunning area of varied cycling terrain.

"Questa fiamma staria senza più scosse"

Bassano del Grappa

Monte Grappa: "Tu sei la mia patria"

"You are my master" : the homage cyclists and local lover's of nature give to their dominating mountain.

We co-operate with the locals to provide an authentic experience of Italian cuisine and hospitality. All accommodation is in the same town with excellent beds and amenities. Breakfast and lunch is provided and there are many local options for excellent evening dining. The Colli Asolani has many excellent Locanda that attracts the discerning diners of the Veneto with their quality cuisine, cool air and quiet little roads.

We do hire locally-made bikes such as Pinarello, Basso, Cavalera with other brands vaialable such as Specialized, but it is recommended to bring your own, or at the very least your saddle (and pedals if you do not use Look). Go here for more information.

 Leaving early or very early (or avoiding the worst of the rain - if it rains. Unlikely.) expect to do 4-6 hours with Km distance depending on the route and climbs. Rest/easier days as required. Caffè stop obligatory. The groups are formed according to ability. 


Contact us to receive further information on availability and prices